Aladdin, Peter Pan, Lion King, Lady and the Tramp

All of these movies are stereotypical towards ethnic groups. Disney has been one of the many companies to stereotype in their movies. In Aladin, the hero's have more resemblance to Americans, while the villains are Arabians with deep Arabian accents. This is an example of the way disney movies stereotype. In Peter Pan, Tiger Lily's father who is Native American, fits the stereotypes of Native Americans being savages. He takes Wendy's brothers captive.
In Lion King, the hyenas who are the villains have deep inner city African American accents. This portrays African Americans as bad people as well as having deep accents. Finally in Lady and the Tramp the two siamese cats have much resemblance to Asians. They both have slanted eyes, buck teeth and heavy accents. None of these portrayals are necessarily true. Disney has improved over the years but was still being stereotypical in these movies.


The calculator is a symbol of our topic, media portrayal of ethnic groups. It represents the stereotype that Asians are mathematicians. Throughout the media, asians are portrayed as intelligent. This is hard for asians to overcome this stereotype because it occurs throughout different aspects of the media.
Stereotypes such as this can be hurtful. A lot of asians are very good at math, but sometimes this is not the case. People have a higher expectation of Asians because of the portrayal of Asians in the media. Overall it is unfair for the media to make a judgment about a whole race including asians being mathematicians.


The television represents how the media is very important to our society. The average American watches around four hours of television a day. This is significant because it reflects how much people are soaking in what's on the television. Even though television is more sensitive to stereotyping these days there still isn't ethnic equality in their programming. The majority of what people see when they watch tv is "White America". Take for instance the shows Gossip Girl, The Hills, Desperate Housewives, Lost and Grey's Anatomy. While some of these shows have a few ethnic characters in them, the lead roles are mainly occupied by white actors. The message that Americans are getting when they sit down to watch their four hours of tv everyday is that white people are still the majority in America, whether it be on tv shows or on the news.
The national news is another place where people don't see much diversity. Most of the news anchors on tv are white. Most of the stories that have to do with rich and powerful people, usually show white men. Just look at Donald Trump and George Bush; two white men in very powerful positions. When stories come up about tragedy or crime the news usually focuses on blacks in ghetto like areas. These images encourage stereotypes throughout other aspects of television. Fortunately, there are instances when these stereotypical roles are challenged. Barack Obama, a powerful rich black man, is in the news everyday now. He goes against the basic generalization that black people are less educated and less wealthy than whites.


This basketball symbolizes one way african americans are portrayed in the media. Whenever people think of sports, african americans come to mind as being the best. Although there are many talented athletes that are black, there are also white americans, hispanics, asians, and many more. This stereotype that has been circling throughout the media for a long time and is very false. Some blacks don't even like sports; but however, they are still portrayed as the athletic type.
Since the media is so powerful, african americans have a hard time getting away from this stereotype. It is hurtful for people to judge the whole population of african americans as athletes. For example in sports video games eight out of ten people are black competitors. This shows how even video games can support stereotypes. It is very hard for african americans to get out of stereotypes because they're being used throughout many aspects of media including video games.

Video Game controller

One of the artifacts that we choose is a video game controller. This might seem like it has nothing to do with our topic but it has a lot to do with it. Every day kids pick up a controller to play a video game and are susceptible to racial stereotypes. Eighty-six percent of all the heroes are white. eight out of ten African American males are sport competitors. Latinos are mostly only in sport games. If kids grow up playing these games then they will think it is okay to stereotype African Americans and Latinos and other races as well.
The video game controller is more than just a controller, it is a symbol. This symbol represents you, the consumer, supporting the racist games. If you do not support racism then do not buy the games that stereotype. If you do buy them, then you are encouraging the video game company to make more games like it, racist games. If you do not buy the games that stereotype then you will be sending a message to the video game companies saying that it is not okay to stereotype. If enough people rebel against it, they will eventually stop.