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Coleman A. Young by Max Grimm
Coleman A. Young (May 24th,1918 - November 29th, 1997) is mostly known for serving as the mayor of Detroit from 1974 to 1993, five terms, but few people know of his very interesting background involving civil rights and African Americans during the war efforts in the 20th century.
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Born in Tucsaloosa , Alabama, Coleman Alexander Young experienced racism throughout his whole early life. Young's family soon moved to Detroit and he graduated high school there. Young quickly got a job at Ford Motor Company and soon got involved with labor and civil rights activism. Being very much involved in these two groups showed what his life might eventually lead to. How ever, with every good there is a bad and although he was involved in just causes he was blacklisted and soon had trouble finding work. This showed that he was willing to stand up for what he thought was right and was a firm believer in this, soon after Coleman finally found a job at the United States Postal Service. Young didn't know it but he would later return to Detroit for a much different reason but for now he was back to the south.

Young soon enlisted in the United States Air Force and was assigned to the 477th medium-bomber group which was a branch of the Tuskegee Airmen. Young served as a bombardier and a navigator for this group. His time spent with the 477th was right in the middle of World War II and he spent time in this war. Coleman Young eventually became a lieutenant in the 477th and would play a key role in an intervention at Seymour, Alabama.
The Freeman Field Mutiny happened in 1945 in Seymour, Alabama, African American officers led a group who tried to integrate an all-white officers club and some were arrested. 162 of the officers were arrested, three were court-martialed and one was convicted. In 1995 the Air Force officially abolished all charges of that issue, removed the one court-martial and took away 15 letters of reprimand from the officer's files. The movement is now known by some historians to be a very important happening for the civil rights movement and integrating the United States Armed Forces. This reminds me of what Gandhi's teachings because these people didn't use violence but they were disobedient and tried to get on the nerves of the whites. They stood up for what they thought was right. Young was one of the 162 officers who got arrested for doing this.

Coleman A. Young was involved in many different organizations throughout his life for civil rights, these organizations included the Progressive Party, the AFL-CIO and the National Negro Labor Council. During his most active time Young made powerful enemies for himself, since his would not testify, the FBI and HUAC did not think highly of him. Young also protested against racism in the military and helped the UAW (United Auto Workers). In 1948 Young supported progressive party candidate Henry A. Wallace, he later viewed this as a mistake and he never should have done this. In 1960, Young was elected to write a new state constitution for the state of Michigan. In 1964 Young was elected to the Michigan state senate. One of his most important issues was a law requiring arbitration in disputes between public-sector unions municipalities. Young was also the mayor of Detroit from 1974 and 1993 and died November 29th, 1997 from emphysema.