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I chose Charlie Howard because he was killed only because he was gay.

Charlie was a gay man. At school Charlie Howard would usaully cry or run away people beat him up so he had a lot of scars and bruises. Charlie Skipped his Graduation ceremony because he didn't want his family to see how the other kids treated him. Charlie thought he was a embarrassment to his Friends and family. He moved to Bangor Maine soon a new neighbor helped him get a job. one day Charlie was in a grocery store a middle aged women shouted at Charlie "You pervert! You queer!" Charlie put down his Basket and left the Grocery store then choking back he turned around and blew a kiss to all the hateful faces. Charlie got ejected from the West Market Disco for dancing with another man. Charlie was sometimes afraid of go outside in fear that he might get beat up. People always made fun of Charlie Howard one day he found his cat dead on the side walk for him being gay. He walked with a friend to the post office after church. In 1984, Three teenagers named Shawn, Daniel, and Jim beat up Charlie. The teenagers had stopped their car and got out to beat Charlie Howard. Then threw him over a bridge. He died of an asthma attack. The teenagers told Charlie's friend that if he told anyone they would kill him too. Shortly after they left, Charlie Howard's friend went to the police and told them what happened The police looked for Charlie Howard in the river and found him a ways down the river.Charlie had been killed at the age of twenty three. More then two hundred people came to his memorial ceremony at the Unitarian Church the Monday night after Charlie Howard's murder. Charlie's mom wanted them to drop a white rose into the river for Charlie. After a week They found where Charlie was thrown over it said “faggots jump here” which is a derogatory word for homosexuals jump here which.

By:Sierra S.
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