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Breaking the Color Barrier

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African Americans have been treated like dirt, they have been beaten, enslaved and killed for no other reason than the color of their skin.. For many, many years they were slaves, but after the civil war they were mostly all free from slavery, but had to follow Jim Crow's rules and laws. So when they became free they really were not they were under the Jim Crow laws. 1954 is when these laws stopped, but before that many broke the law of Jim Crow by breaking a barrier like a sport related one. Jackie Robinson is one heard by many, he was the first baseball black player ever to pllay in the Major league baseball (MLB). He went thought the Jim Crow laws, because he entered the MLB in 1947. So he lived thought it. The Black who played sports like Jackie were called names that are very rude to hear from a man who is the same as you but white. Jim Crow was almost in every single white man and woman. They would make some black person life horrible. So the barrier of sports were broken by black and they told whites that they to can play a game of ball or they to can play hockey, or even box as great as the other man.