Dear Willie O’Ree,
I have done some research on the topic Civil Rights. I decided to research your history on being the first African American player in the NHL. My whole project was about African American breaking the barrier in sports. Jackie Robinson, Nat Clifton and you. In our project we talk about racism towards African Americans. Whites would call them names and throw thing at them, they also did that to you too. Also you could see out of one eye, and you still fought for what you believed in. The whites didn’t make a comment towards you until the next season you played for the Boston Bruins, not the first year. Also why do you think it took the people so long until they awarded you for being the first black player in the NHL. So your role towards racism was you proving them as in whites wrong and even more wrong because of the one eye being blind.
The american society are still discriminate towards people who do not look like them ( as in their skin). Things are in their own way there are no Jim Crow laws anymore and the south are still kinda mean to black people. My world is different from the past world because the old world had more haters than there are now because they learn to live with each other because of sports because of the way black player played to break barriers.
I have learned that the way people use to be treated was unthinkable just because they were different color skin than the whites. Also that black fought with words and honor and whites fought with anger and with punches. This civil right as taught me a lot about our past and how the equal man was treated bad. I will try to stop other and become friends with any one i want even if they are black i will have role models no matter what color there skin is. That is what I think and I hope you do to Willie O’Ree.

Harrison Middle School
Yarmouth, ME 04096
June 10, 2008
Letter to the Past
Redskins Stadium
Washington, USA
June 10, 2008

Dear George Marshall,

You have done things wrong and did you ever make up for it? The time period where you comitted your crimes was the 1960s, 1961 to be exact. In that time, Civil Rights Movements were along way and black athletes fought for their freedom too. It was the time of change, many teams began to sign African-American sports players, many also played for the Olympics. Many heroes such as Martin Luther King and Malcolm X rose to the fight, though many athletes, Jackie Robinson, Willie O’Ree, and Nat Clifton changed their owns sports from the day that they joined. You made one thing change and that was what you did, you didn’t sign any black athletes to your football team, the Redskins. Marshall, you didn’t sign a player until the late 1960s. You were a discriminator and a racist to the players wanting to be signed. This is meaningful because it was the time of the Civil Rights Movement and anti-segregation, so President Kennedy decided to talk to you about this. For years you did not sign anyone, and you always followed your rule, “I will not sign a black player to the Redskins, until the Harlem Globetrotters sign a white person.” And you changed football history, forever.

Many things have changed since than and now in football the majority of players are black. These people went from being zeros and hated by whites to be heroes and inspirations to all. Coaches now always sign both black and white players, while you always hated the idea. Players also got to be accepted and play football in college. Though some things have changed, others haven’t. People are still disccriminated, though not as much. In some colleges, on some teams, or in other places, whites are discriminated in black supremecist areas, racism is turning its way around. Our world has changed so much since you affected it with your anti-black ideas, things that could have happened didn’t, players that could have been legends were never given their chance. The Redskins were the last and final team to sign someone, while all of the other teams already had players on them. Racism and discrimination continued after your efforts to help it, but President Kennedy tried to stop you after hearing peoples stories and pleas, and he succeeded.

I realized that many people were changed in these years. People were treated badly in sports by coaches like you who didn’t want them. You created you own rules of game, not following the law. What I learned is that people want their own rules, to control their own people, and want to believe what they want to believe in, not what they should believe in. This study has helped me realize why people like you aren’t around these days you broke the laws and you were hated by blacks and whites, because you hated blacks. Marshall, you do not realize that when you do something wrong as it hatred or discrimination, it may come back to haunt you.


Chris Knaub
Letter to the Past
Dear Jackie Robinson,
In the 1900’s African Americans were discriminated because of their skin color. The African Americans should have been the athletes of their time period. The African Americans were put in their less popular and less paid careers of being in the Negro Leagues. The white people who enjoyed watching baseball were ignorant to see that African American players were better than most white players. When the color barrier was broken the whites couldn’t stand it they shouted racial slurs at the players who were black. The players tried to battle through the comments but sometimes they couldn’t take it. One reason Jackie made it into the major leagues was because he was told to not respond to the racial comments until he showed them wrong. Jackie Robinson was the first to break a major color barrier when he shattered the color barrier in baseball and showed the world African Americans are better than people think. Jackie had to deal with the insults by using the Ghandi method not responding back to comments and being peaceful on the field. For me that shows that Jackie had a lot of guts to go out there and break one of the biggest color barriers in America.
Today there are some racial comments but they have cut down a lot and people in the crowd respect the African American players in the leagues. There are teams where more than 50 percent of their team are African Americans. The white people had accepted the African Americans shortly after Jackie when they all noticed that they weren’t that different. As long as they could play and didn’t do anything wrong they were on even terms with the African Americans. Without Jackie baseball would never be the same with the talent that Africans Americans have. They show the world that just because their ancestors were enslaved they have a happy attitude with most whites unless they have offended them in some way. Jackie made the first step towards the barrier and other Africans Americans helped him shatter the wall and he became the first African American to play in the major leagues.
In this project I learned that white people in the past had no reasons to be cruel to the African Americans. Even thought there still was discrimination the African Americans powered through it and showed how much they were worth instead of just slaves. This study has meant a lot to me. It meant that people could be so cruel for no reason. Without African Americans many things in the world would not be the same. This taught me to never treat someone with different features than me badly. The major thing kids could do to permanently destroy racism by making friend and talking to African Americans, and not excluding them from anything to sports or school. It doesn't matter the color of the skin it only matters about the personality and the flow of blood.