Hockey Puck
This artifact is a copy of the puck that was at the game when Willie O’Ree played for the very first time, he was the first african american to ever play in the N.H.L. Willie O’Ree broke the color barrier when he played for the Boston Bruns for one game when a player got hurt. The chance Willie had he took advantage of he played for few games but it was enough because he broke the color barrier in hockey.
Willie O’Ree had 4 assist in the N.H.L He only played a few games but it was still enough to show the world that African Americans should be able to play hockey because of their skill level and not the color of their skin. Willie worked his way up through the canadien minor teams and eventually broke the barrier.

Artifact Brooklyn Dodgers Program

ThIs program is an artifact is because this shows what baseball was like before the league was integrated. This program was in 1931, 16 years before Jackie Robinson joined the team. The program shows things that are usually appealing to whites only instead of advertising for blacks and whites. The ads are mostly of cigarettes and other things.
The ads discriminate against blacks because it shows the price and it’s expensive and a lot of the time blacks couldn’t afford the things. In the ads there are a lot of pictures of girls and every single picture of them are white and there are no black girls the pictures.

Jackie Robinson Threat letter

Threat Letters from whites who dislikes Jackie just because of the color of his skin. He went thought a lot with being the first black player in the MLB to ever play. A man that did nothing to those who hate him. All he did was become the first black man to ever play baseball he didn’t hurt anyone. Yet they (as in the whites) hated him not because he was a bad player or something like that because he wasn’t, it was because he was black. He didn’t let this certain threat get to his heads so he went to the game anyway and hit a home run.
He showed that blacks can do as good as whites are. Jackie made it so that blacks can prove that blacks can hit and pitch and field just as whites can. He went thought a lot that Jackie robinson did getting threats that said that whites were going to kill him because of what he did. All because of the color of his skin, because he was not white. So this death threat represents the things Jackie Robinson had to go thought just because of the color of his skin.


The Black Clothing

This artifcat contains more than one item, black colored clothing, to symbolize the items the Olympic Track runners wore during their competition. The two runners, showed as they rose a fist to the, one symbolized black power and the other, black unity. Together, they create peace and equaliy for blacks and whites. The runners also wore black socks to symbolize black poverty, they wore black scarves, to symbolize black rights, and they wore black hats to symbolize black rights, too. These items are metphors the two runners used to show the good and the bad of the world toward blacks.The runners were just trying to show that they were equal, but it turned out that they were both disqualified, due to racism still in matter.
The two men really did know what they were doing, but they did not see whatw as wrong with it. During the time this happened, racism was still a problem, and it even is today. In the arrest, they gave the two no chance to defend or help themselves, but during court, they wouldn’t even have a chance to fight against what they did.This event made a break in the racism and sports peace and made racism either drop or rise.

Hank Aaron's 755th Home Run ball

Hank Aaron was the first to break the great Babe Ruth record with his own record of 755th home run. Aaron made it so that he would change the way black were treated in baseball. They were not bad at baseball like everyone says they are they could be the same or better. In Aaron’s day he was the greatest home run hitter and wrist batter any couch have ever seen. Aaron on the date of April 8th 1974 was catching up to Babe Ruth’s record, at his new record of 715th.
Aaron probably is mad now that Barry Bond beat the record by cheating not winning the record fair. He used steroid to get stronger than Hank. Hank should be the one to still hold the record for beating the record for the most home runs and being the Black with the most home runs. Barry Bonds are showing a lie of who black are him cheating ruins years of fighting. So in most eyes Aaron own this 755th baseball not anyone else.