Blood Samples
These are blood samples from the five gay men in a Los Angeles hospital who were diagnosed with PCP in June 5, 1981. The doctors did not have an official name for it at the time so they associated it with HIV which was originally called. Lymphadenopathy. This is very symbolic of gay rights in every way. Ever since the report made by the CDC many have blamed AIDS on homosexuals. In the press, the term GRID, which stood for Gay-related immune deficiency, has been used against homosexuals. After coming to the conclusion that AIDS was not just affecting homosexuals, GRID became politically incorrect. AIDS was introduced at a meeting in 1982. In September 1982 the CDC started using the name AIDS, and properly defined the illness. A recent study says that HIV(the illness that progresses to AIDS) moved from Haiti(which got it from and then entered the United States around 1969.

Stone Wall Inn Brick
This is a piece of the Stonewall Inn. The Stonewall Inn was a gay bar in New York City in Greenwich Village. The cops had performed raids on the bar in the past. After one particular raid they revolted against the police department on June 28th 1969. At around 20 past one, eight police officers walked into the bar. They said their reason for entering was a warrant of unauthorized sales of illegal alcohol. 7 of the eight were “under cover” because only one had his uniform on. The eight officers 'I.D'd the patrons and many were arrested.
The patrons started to become uneasy and angry. They started with catcalls and progressed into a violent resistance. They threw bottles and ripped down a parking meter and rammed the police men with it. Dave Van Ronk(a gay folk singer) who was just walking by, was forced into the bar and beaten. Soon word got out of the nonstop attacks and eventually it grew to a crowd of 400 protesters. It lasted five days. The officers resorted to more violence and clubbed angry protesters. Throughout the days the police officers would zone out transgenders and homosexuals and would beat them. It escalated to about 2,000 protesters and 400 police officers.

The Bullet that Killed Harvey Milk
This is just one of the five bullets that killed Harvey Milk. Dan White shot Harvey after assassinating the mayor of San Francisco. Dan White was a supervisor with Milk until White resigned citing the low pay. Really, he resigned because he disagreed so much with Milk over key issues. On November 27, 1978 White killed both Milk and the Mayor, George Moscone. This is an important piece of gay rights history because Harvey Milk was such an important player in the gay rights movement. He prevented a lot of anti-gay legislation from passing in San Francisco and California as well as being a great role model for other homosexuals. He was involved in the community and showed everyone that gays were no different than other people.
His death, though extremely saddening, is a testament to the homosexual people of our country who have had to face a lot. Anyone who says that gay people make a choice to become homosexual need to rethink a few things. Who in their right mind would choose a life of hardship, discrimination, abuse, and possibly even death? These people are obviously not wavering from their sexual orientation. If I was being abused like they are I think I would change my sexual orientation IF I could. Like Harvey Milk for example, he received a lot of hate mail. He actually feared for his life so much that he made a tape in case he was assassinated 9 days before he was killed. This shows the fear that openly gay people must feel every day. Though there have been many things to improve the lives of the gay people of this country there is still a lot to do.

Gay Marriage in Massachusetts
This is the paper that granted the right to marry to any gay or lesbian couple. It was passed in Massachusetts in 2004 after the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that denying the right to marry to gays and lesbians was unconstitutional. Homosexuals in our country have had to wait over 125 years to marry, something most of us take for granted. And their marriages don’t even contain the same federal benefits as ours. Many gay couples have remained unmarried because the government does not recognize gay marriages so there are no benefits like the ones included in heterosexual marriages.
Less than 10 of our 50 states allow gays to marry or enter civil unions. This is shameful that the vast majority of our states are so biased they won’t allow homosexuals to marry the person they love. It used to be that African Americans had their civil rights obstructed, now it’s gay people. Why is it that we have so many hate crime laws against discriminating against blacks but not for gays? Aren’t gays people just like everyone else, don’t they deserve to be protected against hateful violence? Our government doesn’t seem to think so, they still don’t recognize gay marriages or have federal laws upping the penalty on crimes that deliberately target gays because of their sexual orientation. Gay marriage in Massachusetts was a great victory for the gay rights movement but until everyone in our country is allowed to marry, they will not keep fighting. Just as the religious conservatives will continue to attempt to undermine their attempts.

Gay Rights Flag
For my artifact I did a gay rights flag. I did this because it symbolizes gay rights. A Gay rights flag is Hot Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Purple. Each color has a meaning. The meanings are, Hot pink for sexuality, Red for life, Orange for healing, Yellow for the sun, Green for nature, Blue for art, Indigo for harmony, Violet for spirit.
I chose to make a flag because when you see gay rights symbols it mostly has to do with the flag. The flag is one of the most important meanings for gay rights. Others where symbols, like bracelets, necklaces, signs. But a flag is the most popular sign for