Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was on the side of the white settlers during the Indian wars. He was the commander of military that destroyed the Creek tribe in 1814. The military destroyed over 22 million acres of the Creeks land in Southern Georgia and Central Alabama. In 1829 Jackson took office. A year later in 1830 he pushed a piece of legislation called the " Indian Removal Act " This was passed threw both houses of congress.This "act" gave Jackson the power to remove every Indian living east of the Mississippi and all the rest of them who had choose to stay would become citizens of their home state. This means that they can live there but have to sort of pay rent. They do not own that land their living on. This act that Jackson passed was causing problems with the people living in the southeast and up north. He said "This is to be a peaceful and voluntary act." Jackson began patronizing the Indians and was acting paternalistic. (the policy or practice on the part of people in positions of authority of restricting the freedom and responsibilities of those subordinate to them in the subordinates). He thought of Indians as little children with much guidance needed. Basically questioning and insulting there intelligence and acts and beliefs. He thought that the Removal Act would help the Indians, but it really was destroying them. This was supposed to save the Indians from the depredations of the white settlers. In the end Jackson administration had removed over 46,000 Native American people from their land east of the Mississippi and had secured treaties that led to another removal act to a slightly larger number. He is now on our 20 dollar bill.