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Before World War II, there were many things that happened and accomplished by African Americans. There were many regiments made and many heroes and helpers that make a major impact on U.S. history. One regiment was The 369th Infantry Regiment, or the Harlem Hell-fighters. There were many different names of individuals that stand out in that regiment. Also before World War II, many African American service men fought over in Europe for the first time ever in the nations history. Unfortunately, the deep racial attitudes among much of the white American population, including many of the nation’s top military and civilian leaders, made it very difficult for blacks to serve in the military of this period during training of World War II. All of these men suffered from severe racial discrimination and hatred. They were still able to use that pain and fight well and useful. They had made a major impact on the advancement in the military during the war. Some key dates were in October when many white service men thought that these black men were useless and sent them over to Europe to fight with the Frenches Infantry. Also on May 21, 1917 Leo Pinckney was the first African American drafted in WWI. This is just a bit of what was going on before African Americans broke out of there racial, and hated shell and made a huge and very helpful impact in the military.flag2wm.jpg